Silicon Premium

Silicon Premium H4SiO4 + TE Fertilizers

Bloomina Agrilife Sdn Bhd has been able to produce the revolutionary Silicon Premium (H4SiO4 + TE) Fertilizer, with its beneficial nutrients formulation using the latest technology at cost effective process.

Our mineral silicon-based fertilizer has multiple functions to restore soil structure, stimulate plant growth and enhance plant self-resistance to various plant diseases and pathogens.

Natural Orthosilicic Acid Cycle – H4SiO4

This silicate-based fertilizer is suitable to be used in all plantations. Silicon (Si) or Silica (Si02) is an essential plant nutrient due to its proven beneficial effects and it is absorbed by plants in the form of silicic acid (H4SiO4 – known as orthosilicic acid or monosilicic acid).

Intensive and continuous cropping has resulted in huge quantities of silicon being absorbed by plants. The supplement of silicon is therefore necessary to ensure there is sufficient soluble silicon available in the soil for plants needs in order for crops to stay healthy and produce high quality yields.

Silicon accumulation may be twice that of nitrogen in certain crops and silicon amendments also have proved effective in controlling both soil borne and foliar fungal diseases in plants.

Proven results from the usage of our Silicon Premium H4SiO4 + TE fertilizer has shown that oil palms that are low in yield production or producing male inflorescences (due to over pruning, moisture stress and nutrients deficiency) are starting to bear quality fruits after the application of silicon.

Our Silicon Premium H4SiO4 + TE fertilizer helps to enhance the uptake of the available nutrients that are present in the soil from the past applications.

Silicon is a "major beneficial supplementary nutrient" that has been in existence for the many years and widely used in vegetable farms, fruits orchards, paddy fields, turf grass, ornamental plants, oil palms and rubber plantations. It certainly plays an important role to assist the agriculture sectors by decreasing productions costs and increase yields, the sustainable way.