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1 Steelmaking Slag for Fertilizer Usage

Both blast furnace slag and steelmaking slag have been utilized as raw materials for fertilizer. Fertilizers made of blast furnace slag or steelmaking slag are categorized in slag silicate fertilizer, byproduced lime fertilizer, slag phosphate fertilizer or iron matter of special fertilizer.

2 Silicon Nutrition in Plants

The element silicon (Si) comprises one of the most abundant minerals on earth. Sand, quartz, and silica are all synonyms for the same basic mineral. Until the last decade, very little attention was paid to silicon in regard to plant nutrition, except for certain algae (diatoms) and the common scouring rushes (horsetails), which contain high levels of silicon.

3 Let’s Put the Si Back Into Soil Part I

Silicon is not often listed among the essential nutrients for plant growth, but recent studies show that increasing silicon exposure can result in stronger plants and increased disease resistance.

4 Let’s Put the Si Back Into Soil Part II

Silicon is not often listed among the essential nutrients for plant growth, but recent studies show that increasing silicon exposure can result in stronger plants and increased disease resistance

5 Increasing Turf Tolerance in Heat

As we enter the Australian summer Turf Managers are increasingly being asked to maintain quality turf surfaces with reduced amount sand quality of water. Water conservation strategies are frequently practiced and these strategies can include: incorporating water-use-efficient material into the landscape, implementing water conserving management practices, and maximizing irrigation efficiency by reducing leaching, pooling or ponding of irrigation water and surface water runoff.

6 RCE Website

The Soil Profile is a newsletter providing information on issues relating to soils and plant nutrition in New Jersey. This newsletter has been published annually by Joseph Heckman, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Specialist in Soil Fertility since 1990. The current issue of this newsletter summarizes research findings and disease control recommendations based on soil fertility and plant pathology research conducted on turfgrass at Rutgers University over the past 15 years.

7 Nutritional roles of Silicon in Rice for Yield Enhancement  
8 Accumulation of Silicon by Bermudagrass to Enhance USGA
9 Brands, retailers make 2015 palm oil pledges
10 Natural Silicon Supplement From Horsetail Plant Extract
References of on the unique properties of silicon mineral
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12 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture Beijing, China